Friday, January 7, 2011

New Coop

Well, our previous homeschool coop is taking a break, while they hunt for a new building, so we have joined a new one, that has been started by some of the old coop members. We do have to travel a bit further, but it is good to be back in a coop again. Today was registration, meet and great day, and formal classes begin next Friday. The girls are excited to see some of their friends again. Our old group was much larger (close to 400 kids) and offered kids 4 class periods, with a break in the middle. This one offers only 3 classes, but they still had a variety to chose from. It meats in the Sugar Creek Missouri area. Also, there is a new coop in Cameron as well.

I will be teaching again, and I have to admit I have missed it! This semesters class will be on safety. We will do some fire safety, smoke alarms, escape routes, electrical safety, calling 911, have a fire dept and ambulance visit, storm spotting and taking cover during a storm, some basic first aid, making survival kits and a little bit more

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