Friday, January 21, 2011

Coop and Camp, .....Take 2

Today is our second week of our coop for the semester. Since the weather has some people snowed in, and some ill, I get to teach all 3 hours this time, instead of my usual class. So in addition to fire and personal safety, I also will have Speech and American Government. I help in those 2 classes, so it won't be too difficult.

As soon as coop is over, the girls and I are headed, along with 16 others to Horton KS for Junior High Winter Retreat at Mission Lake Christian Camp. Emily went last weekend for Senior High week as a camper, this week she will be one of the helpers. I will be the "camp medic". The church van is full (I took the kids last weekend in it), so I am taking a carload and following the van. It should be interesting--4 sleeping bags, 4 backpacks/suitcases. 4 an little Chevy Aveo. (Ever open a can of sardines??? We will be packed in like them!!). I know we will have fun, but please pray for a safe trip there and back. We are expecting another snow fall before we return on Sunday afternoon and the camp is in the country, but last weekend they had the roads cleared well. We are praying they will be clear this weekend as well.

Part of their camp time I will be counting for homeschooling. For sure we will get some PE credit (last year we went to the bowling alley), and lots of Bible time, some music time and possibly more. One year they had a missionary so they learned a lot about their country so they got social studies time as well.

On the way to camp I will stop by CVS. I have a CVS few bucks to roll over into something else, and some to spend on snacks to take.

I shall return with plenty of snowy pictures to share, I am sure.

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