Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Camp review

We made it to and from winter retreat (at Mission Lake Christian Camp in KS) at warm and safe. I was blessed by the adventure, and I think the kids where as well. The blizzard we were supposed to get while we were there dwindled down to only a couple of inches (on top of what we already had). Some had feared we would get snowed in, but we didn't. The dean, however, had provisions in case we had to stay another day.

Saturday night we had a brief camp fire outside. It was rather peaceful and pretty, seeing the sparks from the fire go up, while the snowflakes were coming down.

On Saturday night we had devotions in our dorm room and asked the girls to rate their camp experience that weekend on a scale from 1-10. All the girls gave it a 10, except for one of the younger girls who gave it a "4.5" When asked why a 4.5, she replied she didn't like the other girls in the room and the dorm moms (which I was one) always telling her to pick up her clothes. She said it would be a 10 if we didn't tell her! Oh well, I know she had fun though and later she told me that her mom tells her the same thing!

All in all, everyone had a fun time, stayed warm and got their "spiritual batteries" recharged. For camp aged kids, going from summer to summer is a long time. The winter retreat is a good way to get them back on track and visit with their camp friends.

Sunday afternoon, we headed home. The closer we got to home, the more ice and snow we found. Finally we headed down the driveway and at the last leg of our journey got stuck. Not fun. We have a very long drive and I had it completely blocked at the end. Since the front of our farm is all in fence, and we only have one gate in and out from the front, this was not good. Then, when the hubby came to pull me out we realized my little car can only be pulled from the backside. So, we (he) had to dig it out, push it onto the road, then I had to turn it around and he pulled me in. Three days later it still sits where he unhooked the chain and parked it. I thought about trying to get out this morning, but the Fed Ex man came and got his big truck stuck and left even bigger ruts and it is snowing again, so we are probably snowed in until the husband gets home with the 4 wheel drive.

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