Monday, January 17, 2011

Do you have a 911 address sign?

Our 4H club is selling blue address signs as in the picture. (We opted for blue, as it doesn't blend in with the grass). These signs can be on a mailbox by the road, or if you live in town, they can be mounted on your house.

They are life savers. If you had to call 911 at night, could they find you? These signs are reflective and have large numbers.

Pricing is simple:

You can have the standard panel (vertical, with holes pre-drilled to hang on your mailbox and the numbers are on both sides) for $20.

The deluxe panel is one sided, and is designed to mount on your house or flush against a flat surface. It is $21.

The signs do need to be pre paid.

If you are local, we can notify you when your sign is in, and we will install it for you at no additional charge (a community service project for the 4H kids, assisted by the fire department).

If you are not local, we can ship these anywhere in the US for an additional $7 postage. Just reply if you want one!

These also make great gifts for someone you care about!

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