Friday, January 28, 2011

Hay Day

Today we went to our other farm and brought back a partial load of hay. We intended to get more, but as the temp warmed up it started melting the snow and mud into a slick mess, and for safety's sake we went ahead and only put the first load on the trailer.

We had fun-the neighbors over there have added some buffalo to their farm. Neighbors closer to us have alpacas, and a neighboring 4H family has sheep. Makes for an interesting drive.

Since the science fair has been postponed, Rebecca is remaking her solar system with paper-mache now. Originally it was in play-dough and clay. Elizabeth is still working on hers. She was making batteries out of pennies, but now that she has more time, she is making some additional batteries out of other items as well.

Finally the driveway is melted enough that I can once again get in and out with my little car. It was up in the 50's today, and I kept the window down most of the drive home from the other farm. However, it sounds like we have another storm headed our way, so I guess I better enjoy it while I can.

I'm getting tired of this cold and snow. I am ready for spring. I planted some garlic this morning, inside. I'll see how it goes, since it is a little early yet. Hopefully I can move it outside in March, if not, I'll keep it inside a kitchen window. Years ago, before I lived here on the farm I had nice herb garden and this year I am going to get it going again.

This years garden is mainly going to be a raised garden. I have some friends who have a very nice one that I have gotten several ideas from, and also one of my 4H kids has one that would put a professional gardener to shame. I did some raised last year, but learned from the mistakes I made. For one thing, I had my plots too close together, and could not get the mower between them. So, this time they will be further apart, and I am going to put old carpet between some of the rows for better weed control.

My potatoes will again be planted in a square built out of plastic pallets. That worked well last year, so I will repeat that for this year. I still need to get some large containers that I can bury, to put garlic and horse radish in, so that they don't take over the garden. Mineral buckets work well for this.

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