Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coop, Dogs and Camp

Well, Friday we started a our new coop. The girls were happy to see some friends from our old coop (temporarily it is homeless until we find a new building), and to meet some new friends. Classes they are taking are American Government, Speech, Creative Writing, Boat Building, Scrap booking, Sewing, Fire and Personal Safety and Civil War. We meet weekly until April when we will have our open house.

Friday night, JD and Taylor (one of the older twins) surprised the younger 3 girls with not one, but two new pets. We now have 2 black labs, a 3 year old named Duke, and a 12 week old named Draggo. Yes, they are John Wayne themed--my husband is behind that one. This is the first time we have had a dog in the house. They came from KY, and didn't have a winter coat, as they were indoor dogs there. It has been below freezing here, so at least for this winter, they will be inside until it is warmer. They could stay in the barn where it is fairly warm, but until they get to know us and know they need to stick around they are inside. That suits Duke well, as he just prefers to sleep in front of the fireplace. So far he hasn't gotten too excited about anything, and on his trips outside leaves the ducks, chickens and cat alone. As for Draggo, well, he is a puppy, so he is basically all over the place chewing, pouncing and playing. Last night he howled all night long. So, tonight we plan to play with him till he is worn out and sleeps well!

This afternoon I took the church van with a group of teens to KS for a winter retreat, including Emily. This weekend was Senior High weekend. Next weekend will be for Junior High. I pray they will have fun, make new friends, learn more about the Lord and keep warm!!

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