Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I passed!

Well, I let it slip on here awhile back that I was taking one semester of full time school,(EMT-B school) and as a result, it was rather hectic here. Well, in December I took my class final, and passed. I was the oldest in the class. Several dropped out, saying it was "too tough". Well, I figured if me, at my age, with 3 kids at home, homeschooling, playing momma's taxi, getting kids to and from volleyball games and youth events, plus taking care of 2 toddlers could do it, those 19-21 year olds in the class should have been able to do it....(Actually I think their problem was it was cutting into their party time.)

Last week I went and took my state testing, and just got a phone call a bit ago from my instructor that I passed. Next, I take my national test, but that will probably be next month at least. The state will take 10 days at least, to get me into the system and get my number assigned to me, and that has to be done first. Then, I have to wait for the next test offering at a location near me.

I am also working on getting my certifications back to teach CPR and first aid. I did that years ago, but let it all expire when I changed careers. Now, I am wanting to start teaching that again.

I hope from my going to school to take this the girls have learned that you are never too old to learn.

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