Saturday, April 5, 2014

Plugging Away

Still waiting for spring.  "They" say it is here....but we keep having cool days.  I am ready for a steady 70 degree temperature.  I have potatoes and garlic and onions growing in my south dining room window that I would like to move outdoors.  I almost did twice, but each time I didn't for some reason and was later glad as we had snows soon after.  So....I wait.....

Daughter #3 graduates next month.  Doesn't seem like it was 17 years ago that she entered this world. Now, she is preparing to leave the nest and head off to college for pre medical school.

Daughter #4 is working on her scuba diving online classes and daughter #5 is waiting for her flying lessons to start back up later this month.  She only flies April thru October, due to winter weather, so she is anxious to get back up flying.

We have only 3 weeks left of home school coop.  This semester I am teaching one day a week at the coop.  My classes are evolution vs creation, and Personal Safety (which is American Heart  Based CPR and First Aid).  I have some younger kids in the class and they have impressed me with their willingness to learn and ability to perform in the CPR class.

My numerous trips to the doctors have finally paid off.  My rotator cuff injury is 95% healed, my slipped disc and calcium deposit on my hip is now pain free, thanks to the chiropractor, and a local specialist has done follow ups on my recent surgery and changed my medications around.  This now has resulted in my hemoglobin going up to the 10 range (was in the low 7's and high 6's for awhile, which left me only wanting to sleep all the time and with no energy).

I am trying to get my house ready to rent again.  I had to evict the previous renters--they decided they were too good to pay the rent, and cleaning was not necessary.  They broke the lease in several ways, including having animals inside the house, hoarding and not paying.  To put it mildly, it was a stinking mess.  We even had to scrub animal messes off the walls.  They ruined the ground floor kitchen ceiling, but allowing animals upstairs to soil the floor to the point it dripped thru the upstairs hardwood floors and onto the ceilings.  We had to remove the ceilings of 3 rooms as a result.  The took carpet up (which was new before they moved in), without permission, broke the dishwasher (found part of it in the yard even), broke the cook stove top, broke every shelf in the refrigerator, ruined hardwood flooring, window treatments, trashed the yard (4 truckloads of trash taken out so far),  allowed the washer cold water to leak along with almost all the faucets and slopped paint all over one of the upstairs bedrooms..and that is just for starters.... The house was filthy to say the least, and they lived in it, along with their children.  When they moved out, they even took all the light bulbs, and left all their trash all over the house..  That is just gross.  We have several hundred hours of work completed, and several hundred more to go.  I just don't understand how people can be so low to treat someone elses property with such little respect to trash it, not pay their bills,  and how they can live in such filth and make their children live in such filth.  Training their children to not pay their rent and to live in filth.  Wonderful parenting, don't you think??  Yet, they had money for boats, new cars, 4 wheelers, flat screen tv's in about every room of the house, food for all their pets, money for booze (they left all the empties behind)......


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