Monday, April 21, 2014

101% Savings Shopping Trip

I watched kiddo's today who live just a few blocks from CVS....So, of course I had to take advantage of that.  Here was "the haul for today".

4 bottles of Ajax dish washing soap, 2 degree deodorants, 2 gear deodorants.. Beginning total was $28.78 before taxes...BUT, I didn't pay that....instead.....

I rolled $10 off CVS bucks from last weeks into this deal.  I also went to the CVS website and loaded coupons onto my CVS card, and when I went into the store I stopped at the red kiosk inside the store  and had more coupons printed off after I entered my card number.  Then, I used some manufacture coupons.

Originally my sale resulted in them owing me money...which the cashier said she could not do.  So, I grabbed another powerade.

Net result.....I paid 7 cents.

That came to a 101% savings.

Considering I did not have a paper yesterday to study the sale ads, I put this shopping trip together rather quickly after I got into the store.

If you have a CVS card, always always load all the electronic coupons off their site to your card.  You never know when you may need one.  Always carry your coupon book with you, so that you can take advantage of extra savings if you find an item on sale that was not on your list.  And, always head to the red kiosk inside the store first thing.

I also earned $3 in reward bucks.  If you are not familiar with EB or extra buck rewards, they are coupons that are the same as cash.  They are good on almost anything in the store.  You earn them when you buy certain items, or a set amount of dollars in a particular part of the store, such as on cosmetics, or shaving items.  Also ask for rain checks if they are out of a particular item.  (I have 3 rain checks from tonight's trip for items I wanted to get that they were out of.  Those items I had coupons for that would have resulted in free items--my coupons for them expire April 30 and May 10, so as long as I use the rain check before then, I am good)

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