Sunday, May 5, 2013

The past few months have been crazy.  I had a ton of training classes to go through, and finally finished those all up.  I hold several different licenses, and for some stupid reason....I had them all coming due within 4 weeks of each other.  Ugh, so I had a ton of them.  I finished those up, then took, survived and actually enjoyed a fire training class that lasted a month.

Meanwhile, my shoulder has been hurting off and on since October.  Actually, it was hurting more on, then off.  So finally, I went to the doctor.  Since I have no memory of injuring it, we thought we would start checking the medical end.  So, I had blood work and a mammogram.  (That all came back ok).  But, while waiting for the results, I bumped my elbow and shoulder one evening, a Friday evening and it was rather painful.  Knowing I would be very uncomfortable I went into Urgent Care.  The doctor felt it, and then took an x-ray.  That proved to be interesting--it was dislocated.  I have no idea how, or when that happened.  However, I do (as embarrassing as it is to admit) have a habit of falling out of bed every few months (since I was a kid, I periodically fall-but usually when I have one of those weird dreams that I can fly).  So, all I can figure out is that I was flying and did a crash landing.

So, I have been having physical therapy on it a couple times a week now, to get the shoulder and arm muscles strengthen back up and stretched back out.  Evidently, since it was dislocated I was carrying my arm different and the muscles weakened as a result.

Normally, the girls and I would have the garden in by now, but with my shoulder the way its been, I haven't gotten to much done.  But, that ended up being ok, since on May 2 we got freezing temps and snow.

Along with the snow, came a new litter of kittens, with another litter due soon.  Momma Cat had them under my bathroom window on the deck.  Leaves had blown up on the deck and made a pile in the corner-Momma Cat made a bed there for her 4 little ones.

We also have a new calf that Daisy Mae surprised us with.

When I went out to check out the calf. Daisy Mae called it and they took off.  Then, my husband went out and they came right up to them.  Not sure what that was about, since I am the one that normally feeds them and usually she comes up begging for sweet feed.  (She likes to eat it out of the bucket, but it is rather comical as her horns get in the way)

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syds1girl said...

those kittens and that CALF are so adorable. Daisy looks quite proud, and a little defensible. How sweet this post was.