Saturday, November 17, 2012

Todays Project

I live in a fairly new house, but when my husband built it, he built it to look like an old farm house. (Only fitting for a house on a farm).  As a result, we have the thicker walls, great insulation and energy saving windows of a newer home, and the style of an older home.

Our home is full of antiques, many which we still use.  (That makes it easier during a power outage)  Some are from his family, some are from my family, but most are auction and flea market finds.

So, fitting in with the style of the house, and antiques in it, we try to add more character when and where we can--sometimes its in the form of a light fixture, or antique door knob.  One thing we have both always liked was wainscoting.  Been talking about putting some up for over 6 years.  I finally did some today, in the kitchen.  There are several other areas in the house that I would like to put more wainscoting (behind the kitchen door for one, where the doorknob hits the wall making a dent in the sheet rock).

Before--this is the kitchen color that a couple years ago my husband picked out. Yes, it is John Deere yellow. Had to be mixed special just for us.....But, a yellow kitchen is ok, and in one corner is a John Deere collection  so, it works.  Besides, I like a bright (ok, blinding) kitchen.

We used pine, and I put it up unstained.  Mainly I didn't have the patience to wait all night for the stain to dry, and I didn't want to go out in the dark to the barn to dig up the saw horses to make a work table, which probably were in use anyway.  I used liquid nails adhesive, and finishing nails.  This is 3 inch pine tongue and groove from Home Depot.

Rebecca helped with the staining.  I actually think it was easier staining it while up on the wall, than laying it flat .

Here is the finished project.  That's my potato bin in front of it.  When we pulled the tape off, we found a small bit of stain on the wall, but tomorrow after church I plan on touching up the paint in the kitchen as several places need it.

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