Friday, November 2, 2012

My Confused Garden

My garden this summer was disappointing.  Even though I watered, faithfully, the drought took its toll.  We didn't get as much as I had hoped we would.  Some things never even came up, or only gave one harvest, such as the peas.

We have already had our first heavy frost/light freeze.  The last time I was in the garden, it was dead.  All dead.

Tonight, I wandered over and found stuff sprouting, and stuff ready to be picked.  A whole lot of stuff was taking advantange of the recent rains and cooler weather.  So, until the darkness ran me inside, I picked about 10 lbs of onions, 15 lbs of carrots, spearment, peppermint, a bucket of brussel sprouts, peppers, some tomatoes (green, as the vines are dead).  My herbs are coming back-dill, cilantro and garlic.
There is more to pick, that we will get to over the next few days.  I will also be watching the weather and if it is to freeze soon, I will be covering the beds, as that is another advantage to raised bed gardening--so easy to cover.

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