Thursday, August 19, 2010

LifePac Confusion and Civics

My poor girls. I guess in the past I had told the girls when to do their LifePac unit tests. LifePac's by Alpha Omega is what Emily uses for all subjects, and the twins we are slowly phasing into it as they use up their other books.

Anyway, each book is a unit, and each unit has its own unit test. The test covers the entire book. (Each book also has various worksheets and smaller test that you do as you come to them). Well, the test for the entire book is located in the center of the book, but designed to be taken out and tested with when you get to the end of the book.

All last evening and this morning, the twins have been struggling with this test. They were able to do the first part, but kept telling me they hadn't learned the 2nd part. Being a typical mom, I simply told them to reread the chapter....wrong answer. It was after I finally sat down and tried to do it myself that I realized they were doing the unit test and not the self test. They say I owe them one...I probably do.

I gave Emily some time last night for Civics. She and I, along with other fire department members attended a city council meeting in support of our chief who gave a presentation to the council to update them on our department. It was the first such meeting she had attended. She was very interested in it, and has expressed a desire to go back and sit in on more. She also just had her 14th birthday, and is now old enough to participate in 4H Congress (along the same line as Girls State) so I expect that is in our future as well.

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh how funny~yes those silly things should just be separate. ACE is the same way.
Poor girls!~