Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Cousin Week Continues"

So far, the heat has not beat us. Not yet anyway. The kids have been keeping busy here on the farm by riding horses (that takes a dedicated horse to give rides when it is 100 degrees outside), swimming in the pond, playing wii, and board games.

This morning we went to Shatto Dairy in Osborn MO to get some cream to make ice cream this evening. If you go to the dairy, they will bottle it for you in half gallon bottles which you can not get in the store. We met two of my cousins while we were there, and took the tour of the calf barn, milking station, bottling plant and got samples in the new addition they have built. The kids also like to milk, and see the baby calves.

After we left Shatto we intended to have a picnic. We had a cooler full of food, including a big batch of potato salad that I made yesterday, and charcoal but went to 3 different parks and none had a BBQ grill. So, we came home and ate what was going to be for supper for lunch, and grilled our lunch for supper. It did feel good to get in out of the heat though.

On the way home we stopped by at the Conservation catch and release area and drove around for a bit.

The kids were good, and have been so far. My biggest challenge is getting them to use the same cup all day, and to remember to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher! Really, they have all been getting along well.

This evening I canned up 14 quarts of Nodaway County peaches. I am listening to the lids "ping" sealed now, and the last few jars are boiling now. I would have probably had another 5 quarts, but we ate them before they managed to get processed. They are good. My apple trees continue to look good, so that will be my next big project-apple sauce, candied apples, apple pie filling, apple rings, apple juice, apple syrup, apple jelly and apple jam.

Yesterday was Emily's 14th birthday. She picked going out to eat at Pizza Hut (fine by me-got me out of the kitchen in this heat!) and had a friend over. So for a period of time my husband had 9 females in the house. He does have the dog and a little 3 year who is spending the evening with us to keep him company. But they have been out numbered by the girls!

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Suzanne - Daughter of the King said...

We just bought a new house this year and we have 2 apple trees in the back yard. I was wanting some great recipes like what you listed. Would you share those too, if you have time? I'd so much appreciate it! Thanks.