Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trail Mix

Since the 4th, it has been raining off and on to the point it is too wet to mow or work in the garden, so I have been doing some indoor chores.

Today I made up a huge batch of trail mix. I never make it the same way twice, but today I used pretzel sticks, O's cereal, peanuts, M&M's, dried cherries, dried apple slices, dried pineapple, mango's, cranberries and apricots. I only used half of the dried fruits that I bought so we can make another batch in a few weeks. I spent around $9 in fruits, m&m's and such. It made up about 5 pounds worth, with only using half, so that comes out to less than a dollar a pound. Can't buy it ready made for that. I do buy my ingredients for it at either Aldi or Dollar General and that normally makes a substantial savings.

We also have been cleaning the girls rooms and going through all their clothing. This week we are concentrating on Rebecca's room. All her clothes were taken out, washed and sorted (half were on the floor-couldn't tell the clean from the dirty...typical kid I guess). Today we took all the summer outgrown clothes and donated them to the Ministerial Alliance. It amounted to two large totes and 3 trash bags full. We have an equal amount of winter clothing that will go to them later this year. With the clothing picked up and put back where it belongs or donated, she now has a decent room again! I don't think my room ever looked like that, but, I am sure my mom will say that it did. I do remember hiding stuff under my bed, but her bed sits so low, she can't put items under it. Meanwhile, her twin sister is a neat freak with a spotless room...raised the same, just different personalities....

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