Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching up

Its been awhile since i have posted a regular post on here. I have been out of my normal routine the past few weeks.

Since my last post, Emily has been to church camp at Mission Lake Christian Camp in Horton, KS, and today I just picked up the younger twins from camp in Oregon, MO at Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp. Flaming Spirit is where JD and I went when we were kids. )Also where we had our first kiss-in the chapel during senior week, and decided that one day we would be married) Even though Flaming Spirit has updated a couple of the buildings and added a new dorm to replace the cabin, and replaced the mess hall with a new one, it still hasn't changed much. (I also have been told that the new bathroom doesn't have snakes or frogs in it either) I also attended a few other camps as a kid, but Flaming Spirit was always my favorite. For old times sake, we took a walk back the to the waterfall at camp.

Tysa has also come back for a weeks vacation in Missouri, but that is drawing to a close on Sunday.

We haven't gotten the garden finished yet, and probably wont as late as it is getting. Every time we have time to work in it, it rains and rains and rains.

Tonight is the beginning of the county 4H fair. The girls have all worked hard on their projects and tonight they turn them in and discuss them with the judges. Next week they will be showing their animals. Rebecca made a winter coat, and has a photography project, Elizabeth a shirt and walking short set, and Emily did a self determined project of fire prevention/education and PR with the local volunteer fire department. They also earned some homeschooling hours working on their projects. 4H not only teaches new skills through the projects, but also responsibility through the animals and various officer positions, and public speaking skills. It also allows for kids to work on projects either together or independently, and to share what they learned with others either during demonstration day or within their club.

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