Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snows melting and homeschooling in the new year

Yesterday it was in the 50's as it is again today. The plus is that the snow is melting!! The downside is it is creating a huge muddy mess. Rebecca was sad that the snow was melting, and she made a small snowman which now lives in one of our deep freezers. She wanted something to remember the snow by.

With the onset of the new year, we have added a more structured daily Bible reading into our homeschool schedule. We plan to read the Bible through in a year. We are on day 14, currently in Genesis, reading chapters 41 and 42. On the average it is about 2 chapters a day, some longer, some shorter. The girls actually enjoy it. If you have ever read through the old testament, it is basically reading old history, including interesting battles (some on the gory side), genealogy and stories. Our readings prompt a lot of discussions, including one a few days ago that the girls were glad that men no longer had multiple wives.

I have also started the twins (6th grade) on new history. We had finished out our old history program and are now using Alpha Omega's Lifepac. Their sister in 8th grade uses the 8th grade Lifepac and we have been impressed with it.

We are starting to get seed and nursery catalogs in the mail. It has been nice to sit and read those by a fire while the snow falls, and dream of spring. I plan to do the garden entirely different this year I am going to increase the size, but not the crop. Last year I had tiller issues. I am also on the average gone off and on during the summer as church dorm mom. So, this year the rows are going to be further apart. Providing there are no tiller issues, I will till between them. If the tiller presents a problem, I can mow between the rows.

I had a reader email me some questions that I plan to address one at a time, I've been working on my answers for her. If anyone has any to add to the list, feel free!

#1 How do you and your kids do your chores and what are they?
#2 How do homeschooling families afford to have a parent homeschool?
#3 How do you decide what materials to use--does the state pick them out?
#4 I have heard homeschooling parents say certain things "count" for learning. How do you know what counts? Is there a state list you have to follow?
#5 I often see homeschoolers, mostly girls, dress differently, such as more dresses, one piece swimwear, shorts to the knees. Are most of you from a certain religion or something?
#6 Are homeschoolers allowed to watch TV?
#7 What materials are required to have on hand to homeschool?
#8 What do I need to do to start homeschooling? I have been watching blogs, websites and such and am leaning that direction.
#9 Is homeschooling more expensive than public schooling? What are your costs??


Anonymous said...

what kind of church do you go to and do you belong to a home school club or other clubs for your kids to socialize in?

Anonymous said...

What is your statement of faith?
What are your reasons for homeschooling?
Does your family supports you?
How do you encourage your kids to study when they do not want to?
What kind of discipline do you use?

Mountainrose said...

If someone needs a grave photo that is located near Clinton Co, Nodaway Co or Johnson Co in Missouri, I can take a digital photo and send it to you for a $20 fee (mainly for my gas). You will get faster response for Clinton Co as that is where I live.

Do you know where the Barnsville Cematary in Clinton County is? I can give you directions if you need it. Dont need a picture, just wanted to know if you knew.

Mountainrose said...

If your in the Lawson Area, There is a home school group that meets in Exceloir Springs and has a yahoo group to keep in touch with each other at. To join the group, send a message to

Miekie said...

Re men not having multiple wives anymore: the practice is still up and running in Africa. Jacob Zuma the president of South Africa has recently married his 5th wife (two are no longer his wives - one divorced him and one is dead - I believe she had committed suicide. Many South African women (and men) are dead set against these practices, but many applaud the president for upholding tradition. I think he has set an extremely bad example - especially since our country has the highest incidence of H.I.V. in the world! J.Z had been accused (and acquited) of rape before he became president - rape or not, he had sex out of wedlock with a young HIV positive relative.
I am interested in your Bible reading. Tamerin (my pupil - no relative) are busy reading the gospel according to John - read Matthew last year, but only got to about Chapter 14! We just do a couple of verses a day. Her understanding is limited, but she loves God.
Tell us more about the history programme you mentioned.