Thursday, January 28, 2010

more about us!!

Another reader wants to know what church we attend, and do we belong to a homeschool group or any other groups and clubs.

We are active members at Clay County Christian Church in Liberty MO. We are an independent non-denominational church. We believe in Jesus resurrection from the dead, and that adult baptism by immersion is necessary for salvation.

We are members of the New Life Homeschool Fellowship in Kearney MO. It is a Christian homeschool coop, and it is wonderful!!!! We have been there for almost 3 years. Our coop has weekly classes on Fridays for fall and spring terms. Each term we have an open house and program. Each year the coop students offer a yearbook class and produce a yearbook. The coop also offers a high school graduation for seniors.

Our coop offers either 3 or 4 class periods each term. Numerous classes are offered for the kids to pick from. A few of the classes offered in the past have included, weather watchers, scrapbooking, yearbook, band, choir, sign language, french, Spanish, photography, spelling, baton, PE, cup stacking, drivers ed, sewing, knitting, American Girls, cake decorating, art, water color, ACT prep, snack shop (where they learn to order inventory, price and make change) and probably a hundred more. We had close to 400 students the last couple of semesters. Parents are the teachers and teacher aides.

We also belong to 4H, youth group and Girl Scouts. We have also been involved in choir, JBQ and Bible Bowl. Emily is also a fire cadet at our local fire department. We also volunteer several times a year at a local crisis center/clothing closet/food pantry organization. My girls are involved in horseback riding and working at various businesses for "internships". Currently 2 of them are working some for my cousins vet clinic in Grain Valley, although the cold weather has slowed that down.

During the summer months, we attend church camp at Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp, Mission Lake Christian Camp and science camp at William Jewell College. The girls are also involved in winter retreats at camp, and in a week Emily will be attending a 4H weekend camp promoting leadership.

We also attend classes at the public library. They have classes once a week in Kearney for homeschoolers, and twice a week in Liberty.

Often we attend other special events, some which I post on here as well, such as concerts and plays. Tomorrow evening the girls are entering items in a homeschool science fair in St Joseph.

Often times people think homeschoolers are isolated. Not us!!!

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