Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Hay, camp and more camp

The first cutting and baling of hay is complete. It just needs to be moved. Mother Nature delayed it several times with rain and high winds, but it is finally done. Now we will let it all grow for cutting number 2.

Friday we picked up the twins from Flaming Spirit Christian Camp. It is between Oregon and New Point MO and is the best camp ever!! (According to my girls, and I tend to agree, since that is where JD and I both went as kids). They had their cousins Natalie and Tory with them. Rebecca got sick on Thursday night, but managed to pull it through the rest of the week.

As soon as we got home from camp, we unpacked and repacked and headed back out the door to Mission Lake Christian Camp in KS. We were helpers for daycamp for 1st and 2nd graders. The theme for the day was the "Fruit of the Spirit". Our preacher, who was camp dean came up with a great edidable craft--fruit pizza. It was a hit. Also a hit, was the bus ride into the city pool. It had a zero gravity entrance and a two story slide. Even I went down the slide!

We have a two week break before the next camp-which hits right after VBS and the horse show for the county fair.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week

Well, Sunday we took the younger twins to church camp at Flaming Spirit. They are there with 2 cousins the same age. I take it they are having a good week, as I have not had a phone call:) It sure has been quiet around here this week with only Emily at home.

We came home Sunday to find the hay had been mowed. Yesterday afternoon it was raked, but may need to be raked again. Last night we had high winds, and some of it blew out of the rows. We also had a lot of thunder and lightening but luckly for us no rain. So, the hay did not get wet. It should be baled later this week.

I got another grape vine planted. I think that gives us 8 now. Last week I replaced the old t posts and old wires with taller wooden posts and ran new wires. I also checked the fruit trees and we have some apples and peaches coming on. Earlier I lost some peaches when it hailed. They got knocked off the trees.

My newest project is constructing a bike rack. It seems we always have bikes all over the yard and barn. So, yesterday Emily and I went to Liberty and bought a peice of rod iron porch railing to mount between two vertical landscape timbers for a bike rack. I am all set to go in constructing it except the tool grimlins have run off with the cordless drill. We have searched the farm for it, and can't find it anywhere. We just used it and poof, it is gone. So, until it is found, that project is on hold.


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We need a new home

Does anyone want to adopt us? We are both girls, very friendly and like people. We would like to get out of this rabbit hutch, but we tend to get underfoot (of cows and horses) on the farm. Someone dumped us at this farm and we have no momma to show us how to stay in the barn out of harms way. We can now drink from a saucer and eat kitten chow. We also like table scraps and would like to be professional mousers when we are bigger.

If you want one or both of us, please respond!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fair Results

Today the girls showed their small animals at the 4H County Fair and modeled their dresses for the judges for Fashion Review. Their best moments included winning 2 red ribbons and 6 blue ribbons. The worst was....having one of the roosters and a hen escape. Had it not been for a couple of families helping us catch them, we would have never caught them. But we finally did. THANKS!!

Emily returned home from science camp at William Jewell. She is tired (and cranky), but I remember being the same way when I was her age and came home from camp. The week of staying up late talking at night caught up with her.

This afternoon after we finished at the fair we went to the Fire Station Family Picnic. Good food! The girls had fun dressing up in JD's gear. I don't think they realized how heavy it was.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fair Projects are done

Rebecca and Elizabeth have their dresses finished. Tonight they turned them in at the 4H building and met with the judges to discuss their projects.

Tomorrow they show their rabbits and chickens and then wear their dresses in the Fashion Review.

Then, Emily will return from William Jewell Science camp and we have a fire department family picnic.

Sunday the twins leave for church camp at Flaming Spirit in Oregon. They return on Friday afternoon, but Emily leaves Friday night to help at church camp at Mission Lake in Kansas.....Are you seeing a pattern here???

As we were leaving for the 4H building this evening, we found 2 tiny tiny black baby kittens at the end of the driveway. They don't act like they are weaned, but we got some milk down them. One is much smaller than the other one. I am thinking they are dumped because they are not wild, but act like they have been around people. Since we live the the country the neighbors are some distance away, too far for these to walked, I have a feeling they got left here. They are cute, but we already have 2 cats, (in addition to all the other critters)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lizzy is done, Rebecca is close

Elizabeth is done with her 4H sewing--maybe. She has her project done, but since you can do up to 3, she may "whip up" another one--possibly a pair of shorts or another sun dress.

Rebecca is almost finished with 2 sundresses. I am not sure if she is entering them both or just one.

Meanwhile, Momma is a little ticked off at Walmart. When we bought the fabric from Walmart, I didn't physically stand there and watch it be cut--instead we were getting our thread and other notions. The fabric is smocked across the top. After we got it home, I discovered the fabric person measured the bottom of the fabric instead of the smocked top. Then it is cut as crocked as can be on top of it. The final kicker was one of the fabrics had a sheer overlay. She did not cut the overlay with the fabric underneath, so there is about a 4 inch difference. So, one project didn't get done as planned, but got turned into something else. I will be taking my receipt back on that. I'll pay for what I got, but not at 13.00 a yard for 2 yards, when we didn't get 2 yards because they measured the flat part.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It isn't slowing down this summer

For most people, life slows down some during the summer months, when school is out. But, not here. For one thing, we homeschool year around. We already have our state required 1000 hours in, but why quit learning?? I have cut the girls down to 2 or 3 math lessons a week, enough not to loose their math skills, but enough that they feel they are getting a little break. Our reading (I require 1 hour a day) goes on--although my girls all love to read, so that is never an issue. I combine some activities--for example, reading can be combined with history if they are reading a biography or factual book. We also count more TV time--such as the programs found on the history and military channels. They also like to watch the program "How it is Made" which explains how things are made, such as light bulbs, wire, clothing, tires...., there there are programs on the Animal Planet Channel and all of them love the cooking channel. Their "junk TV" time is limited.

Summer is also when we do more sewing--usually spurred by the onset of the county 4H fairs. The girls normally enter a sewing project. Of course there is also the gardening to tend to, mowing, horse shows....and our volunteer work.

Saturday Emily comes home from science camp, and the twins leave for church camp to Flaming Spirit in Oregon MO. Then, they come home on Friday and Emily leaves Friday night to help at day camp at Mission Lake Christian Camp in KS on Saturday.

Elizabeth has been sewing yesterday and today, and getting her laundry all done for her packing later this week. She likes using the clothes line. Clothes smell fresher and cleaner, it is fun being outside (and having the cats help!), and it is "greener". Lately we are all about having a "green home". Tonight Rebecca will be finishing up her sewing as well.

We still haven't turned our A/C on this year. Our home has a ceiling fan in all the rooms and windows that are nearly ceiling to floor. We also have wide porches that shade the house. So, about the time the house gets hot, the sun starts setting and we don't need it.

The TV is saying we may have some more storms tonight. Last night we had some major thunder and lightening--the very loud kind. The electric even went off for a short time. Hopefully tonight it won't be so loud.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free Bowling for kids!!!!!

Free bowling for kids this summer. This will help keep them active. See the kids bowl free website for more information. Just click on and check for a bowling alley near you!!!

One down Three to Go

Campers that is. We took Emily to Science camp at William Jewell College this afternoon after church. She already had found some from last year and did the girl squeal thing that they do as they run up and hug. We had the parent meeting and said our good byes. Saturday morning the campers will have a science fair for the parents and then we bring her home. Also Saturday is the beginning of the county 4H fair. I still am not sure how I am going to be 2 places at the same time, but at working on it.

Rebecca's missing rabbit has been trapped in a coon trap (twice--the first time she got out AGAIN) and put back into her hutch. I bet she is telling the rabbits lots of stories of her exciting free time on the other side of the fence. We are lucky enough to have a family from church who live down the road from us that do a lot of hunting and trapping, so we were able to borrow a trap from them. Last year they also helped trap some raccoons and stray cats that were helping themselves to our chickens.

The twins are working on their sewing project for 4H for the fair. All of the girls are good little seemstress. However, one of the rabbits has started loosing its fur--right before the show, that isn't the best time for that to happen.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday at last

This has been a busy week. JD and Emily both have been sick, Emily had a trip into the doctor and JD had a wisdom tooth pulled. The twins have had fun examining his tooth and comparing it to his x-ray.

The twins and I bought some more veggies for the garden--they were in the process of being cleared out, and 2 more grape vines. The grapes are in the orchard/vineyard now, with their new posts and support wires. I still need to mulch around them.

Last night one of the girls rabbits got out of her hutch. The girls spent much of last night chasing Charlotte. Charlotte still has not been caught. Last seen last night she was in the east hayfield. During the night we had a storm and Charlotte wised up and returned to the barn. She is still loose in the barn, but at least she is no longer outside.

Yesterday I did very well at a CVS trip. Since JD had prescriptions given to him for his tooth, I got a $25 gift card when I had it filled. Then, they had Dawn soap on sale for 99 cents a bottle and I had some 75 cent off coupons. Colgate toothpaste was $2.99 (not so good..BUT) it was buy one get one free, and I had several $1 off Colgate coupons. So, for around $23 I got 2 prescriptions, soap and toothpaste AND a $25 gift card and 2 Bonus dollars for my next trip. So, I came out in good shape.

Emily leaves tomorrow for Science camp. She is all excited and almost packed. It is an honor for her to go, as all who apply do not get picked. This will be her last year as it is only for upcoming 7th and 8th graders (unless she goes as a helper).

If the sun comes out, I plan to mow and work in the garden - if the garden is not too muddy. The girls, well, they are still working on catching that rabbit.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh no

Our beagle got a baby robin. So, now we have another critter to take care of. The cats ignored the bird, but not the dog....

Each girl does an animal notebook in a 3 ring binder and each week we add 1 or 2 more animals to it. I guess our next one will be a page on robins. Our books are divied into the animal classifications and they put the pages in their proper place. We count this as part of our science. All of our animal info comes out of books or we print offline. It is a simple and free but fun project. They have close to 120 animals now. We will take our books with us the next time we go to the zoo. We have been working on these books since we started homeschooling in 2007.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bank Visit & Grapes

Today I took the twins to the bank. They each had a check to cash and the bank was very good about explaining the process to them. They took great pride in endorsing their checks in their very best handwriting. We will count this as 30 minutes for math. We are getting ready to learn how to keep a checkbook, so todays visit is the kick off for our banking unit.

We also visited the hardware store and got some eye screws and then went to Pamida and got some more grape vines. This evening we put the new grapes in the vineyard and added another support pole. We almost got it done before we ran out of daylight. I had been using T posts to hold the support wires for the grapes, but the wires kept slipping. So yesterday I set in 3 wooden posts (plus one today) and will use the eye screws to hold the wires in place. Once I get all the wires rerun, I will then pull the T posts back out. The wooden post system will keep the wires in place better and they are taller, so I can mount my wires higher. This means it will be easier on me when mowing around them and mulching.

After it was too dark to work outside, we did some barn cleaning and moving/rearranging. The fun part will be to see how long it takes my husband to notice!! I wanted to take the rabbit hutches out from the barn and put them by the chicken coop for the summer, but a flat tire on the bobcat stopped that project. With the forks on the cat it is very easy to just pick up the wooden hutches and carry them out.

I also have started a new spelling project for Rebecca. So far, I think it is going to work very well. You can view it, and the demo at http://www.SpellQuizzer.com. It does require a microphone on your computer. You read the list into the program. My only problem is that somehow I deleted (or one of the kids) the microphone software, so tomorrow I will reload it. I will keep you posted as we go along. Spelling is not her strong subject, which is surprising considering she is a big reader, reads above her grade level and does well on reading comprehension.

Tomorrow we have a big day. We have an Eagle Scout award ceremony to attend and then a block party at church to welcome our new summer youth minister. Then Sunday a graduation party and baby shower.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toys for preschoolers

I see all the toys that are out on the market today for preschoolers, and many are very expensive. When my girls were little, they had the fancy toys, but their favorite toys were not "toys" to anyone but them. Notice none of these "toys" include a TV and only 1 requires an electronic item (book on tape). Best of all, little to no money is involved.

Favorites included:

Padlocks and keys. The keys need to be kept on large key rings to prevent swallowing or chocking. Great as a manipulative.

Empty boxes, paper bags and crayons. Great for the imagination.

old clothing and hats for dress up. Great for the imagination.

wooden blocks. They can be the store ones with ABC's or 2X4 scraps that have been sanded smooth and are larger. If you paint them, make sure you have a lead free or nursery paint. Good for both imagination (building) and as a manipulative.

coffee can with a slit in the lid. It then becomes a "bank" for metal juice can lids. If you want, you can decorate with stickers. Good manipulative.

Flash cards made out of index cards or saved cardboard with shapes, letters, numbers, colors or pictures cut from magazines or photos glued to them with words. If wanted, you can laminate them or cover with clear contact paper.

On a larger scale, you can make placemats the same way. Also, you can cover lined paper mounted to cardboard with letters on it with clear contact paper and then give the child a dry erase marker to trace the letters with.

An old telephone and telephone book.

Books, books and books!!! For car trips, you can read a book onto a cassette tape and ring a bell when it is time to turn the page. Little ones can then read "to themselves" when traveling.

Empty make-up compacts with mirrors inside.

Bowling pins made from 2 liter bottles and a large ball

Sock puppets--be sure not to have items that they can choke on such a loose buttons for eyes....

For more ideas, contact your local Parents As Teachers orginization. PAT is free.

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