Saturday, September 12, 2009

CSI for homeschoolers


I am e-mailing about a program for homeschoolers that I am doing in Kansas City on October 24 and I am hoping that you can get this information to your members. The program is a crime scene investigation (CSI) program that introduces kids to the science behind CSI and allows them to do hands-on activities and use what they learn to solve a mock crime scene. This is a parent-child program, so parents are welcome to attend. I find that both the kids and parents have a great time working together on this subject and it allows them to take what they have learned home and do more with it.

I am a homeschooler myself which led me to tailor programs to homeschoolers specifically.

The program will be held from 12-5 on October 24 at the Kansas City North Community Center (tentative location). We will cover a range of evidence, including fingerprints, shoe prints/impressions, tire tracks, blood (synthetic), ink and document analysis, and the use of other sciences in forensic science (botany, entomology, geology, chemistry, palynology, dendrochronology).

One common question is the age range for this program. While the typical age range is 8-13, I often have kids outside of this range. With homeschoolers, I am not so concerned with the ages because the kids seem to work so well together regardless of age. The content and questions are age appropriate and are tailored to the ages of the kids who register. I can have multiple levels of activities and questions within the same program.

The cost for the program is $50 for the first child from a family, and $35 for each additional child. Parents are welcome to attend free of charge.

There is a page on my website about this program. The website is: and you would need to click on the "Kansas City" tab at the top of the first page.

I do these programs all over the middle part of the country, and homeschoolers seem to really enjoy them.

Thank you,

Thomas Jones
Crime Scene Camps
E-mail: crimescenecamps@yahoo.comCell: 815-501-1460

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