Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great weekend

Friday was our first day of homeschool coop for the semester. We had a real good time, and a good turn out, even though several families were gone to another event. All the kids were glad to see each other after the winter break.

Friday night was our "Love Banquet" at church. The church youth group cooked and served the meal. They did a very good job. We had salad, cake, veggies and cream cheese stuffed baked chicken. The youth group also provided the entertainment.

Saturday JD, Rebecca and I, along with our friend Randy went to St Joseph to Lowes to pick up a barn. I bought a wooden barn off of craigslist from the shed company that supplies the sheds/barns to Lowes. It was a demo shed, all put together left over from last year. The shed was orginally $1200 and I got it for $300. It is a nice shed, built on metal runners.

Saturday night, we went to the Lathrop Antique Club meeting (we are members). As usual, the meetings start off with a carry in dinner. Following the meeting we had a white elephant auction.

Today (Sunday) we had church this morning. Emily and I were in the 2 yr-4 yr nursery. That is always fun. Then this evening, the church had the skating rink in Liberty rented for 2 hours. We had a lot of fun skating (and for me watching).

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