Thursday, February 19, 2009

Found the missing cow

Elizabeth and her sisters found the run away cow this morning. As hoped, she was in the pasture with the other cows. That is a huge relief. No fun in chasing down a cow in 30 degree weather...

My parents return today from Arizona. They have been there visiting my aunt who has cancer.

This evening we also have a library class to attend and later in Liberty we may attend a storm spotter class. The girls and I are already storm spotters (we were trained last year) but I think it would be good to go to as a refresher. We may also get to see some new footage of last springs local tornadoes. If we do, they will get 2 hours of science for it. A lot of homeschooling is hands on. More interesting than reading it in a book.

Poor Rebecca is having to redo several math pages. She didn't read her symbols. She missed the fact that it was a review and did the problems as multiplication, when some of them were addition and subtraction. Next time she will work a little slower. That is another plus of homeschooling. In a public or traditional school setting, they would most likely be marked wrong and recorded as a failing grade, as the class needs to move on. However, I hand it back for her to redo it. A lot of things we redo until we get it right. That's how we learn. Causes less frustration.

Tomorrow we have homeschool coop. This semester I am teaching 2 classes on the American Presidents, and one on Missouri. Emily is taking: debate (2 hours long), snack shop (they run the concession stand and learn to order inventory and take money and make change), and volleyball. Elizabeth has baton, scrapbooking, spanish and ooey gooey science. Rebecca has scrapbooking, watercolor, repeat art (deals with patterns in art) and ooey gooey science.


Anonymous said...

This coop sounds neat. I'd like to hear more about it--how does it work?

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know more about it. How big is your coop? How often do you meet? Is it just classes or more? Is it year around??

Anonymous said...

hi mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!