Monday, April 4, 2016

Bottle Baby

Meet Norman. 

Norman is the newest addition to the farm.  His momma is a first time momma, and she really could care less about motherhood, and is totally ignoring the fact that she is supposed to be feeding and guarding her baby.  Instead, she chose to hide it and left.

Normally, if we go out to look at and check a new calf, the mothers ( the aunts, and sometimes even the daddy) get rather concerned that you are even within 6 feet, and will remind you to move along....However, this mommas attitude was more like, "take that thing away please-its not mine, can't be mine...."

After looking him over, and feeling him, we found he was not getting enough to eat. 

Momma was not even watching him, so, we loaded him up and moved him into the goat stall.  (so named as we are planning on adding 2 goats to the farm for weed control, and that stall is to be theirs.)

He would not take a bottle for me, but he did for Rebecca.  So, Rebecca is now the mother to Norman.  He calls out to her, and she answers in her best moo.  He follows her voice and comes to her.

We are thinking he may be blind, (or just clumsy) as he runs into the stall walls and people.  Time will tell on that one.

He is small (momma cow was a first time momma).  If he makes it through the week, I think he will have a fighting chance.  We have his feeding schedule all figured out.

Thank goodness she had him now, and not last week when it was below freezing.  Glad he was found by us, before the coyotes.

Just check this little guy out, he is so relaxed taking his first truck ride...  Just chillin.

Now, if you are not familiar with cows, this video will show you how it normally works when the mommas calve--here it is, straight from a momma cow.....

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