Sunday, June 1, 2014

15 more days...

15 more days, and I can get into my routine that I have been out of for months, since I went through surgery earlier this year.

We have made it through 2 graduations, and are now starting into the camp season.  Normally, in the past, our camp season lasts for 2 months.  This year, it is only 2 weeks. 

Made it through the spring races at the speedway (where we work part time on the fire and rescue team).  This week I am working one day there, husband is working 2 days there.  Of course the spring races had to be the week before graduation, to add to the confusion.  Then I have a few days of childcare, then daughters to pick up at week one of camp.

Next week, we do week 2.  2 weeks of church camp, one week of cheer camp for daughter #5, and that's it.  No 4H, no Girl Scout camps.

Since I am only gone one week at a time, that means my garden won't get away from me this year, and I won't miss doing any canning or food processing because I was gone.  Last year, I was gone too much and the weeds took over to the point it took me 2 weeks to get it back under control.

I can get back into my routine of laundry on Monday, baking on Tuesday, and working at the fire department on whichever day I don't have daycare children to watch.  And, do an occasional day at the speedway for driving schools and such.

I now have around 40 to 48 tomato plants in and 28 pepper plants.  The cilantro is coming up well--I transplanted it last fall to a new bed and wasn't sure how it would do, but it seems to be doing fine.  My mint has pretty much taken over 2 side by side beds (one which used to belong to the cilantro till last fall).  Onions will be ready in another couple weeks.   I have a bunch of "unknown" squashes in.  The tags had been removed from them, so I have no idea what type they are.  They tags were removed because I dumpster dove to get them....Yep, Sutherlands was throwing them out and I saved them.  They were in 6 packs, but each 6 pack was missing some, so the store just pitched them.  I also rescued some ornamental grasses from the dumpster as well as a few more tomatoes and peppers.

After I get back from camp, I will get the rest of the items in and planted, unless I find time between now and then.  I am still looking, without luck, for 2 year old asparagus crowns.  I can't find any asparagus at all...

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syds1girl said...

You sound busy and I hope that tnese next few days give you REST before jumping into all that. Made me tired thinking about it. They told me 6 weeks after my (last year's) surgery. I went back to doing almost everything in 4 weeks, but should've waited the other two before getting back to EVERYthing. Take it easy. Glad you're feeling better!