Thursday, November 7, 2013

How my morning went.....

Today was my ONE AND ONLY day this week I could sleep in-until 8 ish this morning......

0640 doorbell rings--A guy tells me our white horse is out--but its not our horse-I tell him to go to 240th, 2nd house on the left or third--its theirs I think, .....I go back to bed

0715....ding dong...."we have your shed to deliver from Sutherlands". Where do you want it......well, we didn't order one, but if someone else got it for us (would be nice, huh?) you can put it... by the chicken coup. Darn, delivery tag says it for Gerkes, so go back down the road, to the brick  house.....and I go back to bed...

0732......ding dong.....I have your propane, but I can't find your tank.....that's because you are on the wrong road (and blind, cuz my tank is right there). This is 228 and your ticket says 222......I go back to bed (again).

0759....ding dong.....Sutherlands is back--thinking yee haw--maybe Gerke did buy us that shed???--nope-guess they are stuck in our yard while turning around and wanted to let me know.  I go back to bed...again. 

0810....ding dong....ok, we are unstuck now, but left some ruts--here is my card and you can call with any damage reports........really mister??? This is a FARM. As long as the ruts are not in the hayfield and you didn't take out a fence, I really DONT care.  I go back to bed  (AGAIN)

0813...FEDEX just came and delivered a box.....,,,wrong house.....why am I not surprised?  I am supposed to get a package today, but he knows nothing about it.  I climb back in bed...AGAIN.

0815....I get comfy in bed...Yep, my alarm just went off. Husband doesn't understand why I got up before the alarm.....BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE BOTHERED TO ANSWER THE DOOR!!!! I hit the snooze.

 0820..DING DONG...I refuse to get up and answer the door.  Husband doesn't understand why.  I hear a truck drive off.  He goes outside and checks--it is my expected package--so, I guess either 2 Fed Ex trucks were in our area, or the guy found it after all.  (Really don't know how he could miss it--its a huge red box)

0825 Snooze goes off--have to get up now for sure.  It is homeschool co-op day...

When I got back from co-op, I went and checked out the "ruts"....It is actually more like a mini grand canyon.  After it dries out, I will need to smooth it down with the tractor or bobcat, and reseed it.  But, Sutherlands says they will pay for the damages, which is good.

But, at least my package came!!  Its my new Hoover Steam Vac Carpet Shampooer that I got with my swagbucks!!

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