Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not quite....

Poison ivy is not quite gone, but its finally ALL off my face now, and most of the places where I scratched it open and raw in my sleep are starting to finally heal.  After almost 6 weeks of it, its about time.

And, the lima beans, not quite ready, but getting close.   (See I can where my rings again!!  My fingers were broken out and swollen to the point I went a couple weeks without wearing my wedding rings and that just felt strange).

They just need a little more rain, and little more sunshine and a little more time.  Most of the lima beans I will freeze.  My husband prefers his lima beans frozen over canned.  And, since he is the biggest lima bean consumer of the house, I will grant him that wish.

Any idea where the lima bean originated????

Probably not where you think.

Lima beans have a long history.  They have been grown commercially in the United States since around the 1800's.

But, the earliest record of them, has them being grown in what is now coastal Peru by the Moche people in 2000 BC.  There are pictures of lima beans in their pottery.

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