Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A sad email I received.......

"To all:
I'm very disappointed in having to inform you that the
Mid Continent Public Library headquartersn has decided to eliminate the " Homeschoolers at the Library " programs beginning in July  2013.

They have decided  to have all programs open to the general public so all programs need to be after school or on weekends.  Only Story Time for preschool will be during the school hours.  They feel they are only reaching a small minority with the program and would like to reach more people.

If you would like to voice your feelings on this decision you may call headquarters in Independence , MO:   816-836-5200 and ask to speak to Steven Potter or Dick Wilding.

My personal feelings are that the library does in- school visits and it is not feasable for the library to do "in home" visits for homeschoolers so the homeschoolers at the library program was a very productive program. I would prefer the program to be cut back if they have to( meeting every other month) but NOT completely eliminated.

Please voice your opinon with a phone call ( 816-836-5200) if you would like to see this program continued in some way.


I will be calling the library tomorrow on this one.....

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