Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lizzy's Landing

Elizabeth has had a passion for flying since she took her first Young Eagles  (chapter 91) flight back in 2010 with pilot Chris St. Germain at the Lee's Summit Airport.  Since that flight we have been actively attending the Young Eagles events.  She has also learned how to read maps, studied the stars and is learning to use a flight computer.

Some of the pilots are beginning to recognize her as a frequent flier and as a result have been working with her and letting her have the control of the plane.  Until now she has basically done straight flying.  This afternoon however, with a dual control Cessna 182 she got to land and taxi down the runway back to the Young Eagles hanger.  She was very excited.

Did you know that when you taxi (drive) the airplane on the ground, you control the direction of the airplane with foot pedals? The stick (sort of resembles a steering wheel) is not used on the ground.  The same pedals are also used for the break.  Think you could drive your car only using your feet?  It would take a feat to do that!

Elizabeth at the controls

The plane she flew in today.

After she had her successful landing, we thought it fun to go eat at one of the Mexican Restaurants, Habanero's  in Lee's Summit--take a look at the picture of the restaurant and you will see why we picked it.

She kept her landing on the ground, unlike this plane on the restaurant roof!

Young Eagles is a program that is offered nation wide.  Click here for the national website.

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syds1girl said...

That is exciting. How wonderful for Elizabeth! she looks happy.