Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do your kids understand?

The past few days, we have watched a lot of the news (first night we stayed up till 3 a.m.) on Bin Laden.  At the time of  9-11, my girls attended a Christian School.  The kids were informed and had prayer.  Emily still remembers it and she was in kindergarten.  Their school had a lot of military families and they knew what it most likely meant for their families. The twins were in pre school (at the same Christian School).  When I picked them up that day, they were aware of it and knew quite a few facts, but today they don't remember much, as they were only 3 at the time.

My husband and I were discussing how for the younger kids, this is all they knew--they didn't know life before 9-11 because they had not been born yet.

We have talked about it a lot, as 9-11 and his death are both dates that will be in future history books, along with the election of  Obama.  Regardless of whether we agree or disagree, approve or disapprove I still feel my kids need to be aware and remember it.  We also talked about how his death didn't bring back those who died that day, and in the war following.  The girls brought up that his death could also cause future retaliation  among his followers towards the US.  One of the girls brought up that she wondered how the guy who pulled the trigger felt.  Was he sad because he took a life?  Or glad that he helped end the deaths of others, or a little of both??

We have been reading the Old Testament and noted the old burial laws of burying within 24 hours, similar to the laws that were followed.

It is hard though, to help my kids understand it all when I don't.  I do understand what has happened, but it is the why that is so hard to understand.

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