Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contest Results

Today was the day Emily went up to the next level for the Optimist Speech contest. She came in third for the girls division.  (The also had a boys division).  She did very well!  Mind you, Emily is only 14--and her competition were 16 and 17.  In fact, out of both divisions, she was the youngest contender and she held her own.

We also learned a lot from getting to watch and listen to the others.  She learned several tips-both good ones and bad ones, so it was a good learning experience.  In talking to the girls division parent, we learned she has been doing this since 7th grade, and this was her first time to take first place.  What Emily learned from that was practice and experience do pay off.

All of the kids were very very good, and very knowledgeable on their subjects.  Both the boys winner and the girls winners were from Maryville.  Others were from Savannah, St Joseph, Plattsburg and more.

Regardless of if you are homeschooled or traditional schooled, students need to check out their local businesses and clubs for speech contests, essay contest and demonstration contest.  In our area, our electric coop also offers various youth programs, sending the winters to Washington DC.  Not only do the kids get experience, but also the chance for trips and scholarships as well.


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