Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What does your library offer??

Our county doesn't have a library. It has been voted down numerous times. So, we have to travel to the next county to use their library system. Fortunately for us, we are close to the county line. Depending on what branch we use, we have to travel anywhere from 20 to 30 miles one way.

Unfortunately for us, they charge us for the cards, unless we live, work or attend a PUBLIC school in their county. I was told yesterday, that my children are no longer able to have a card, as they don't pay taxes in that county, nor go to PUBLIC school there. I however, do work in that county part time. We also own land in a county that supports this library system, and pay library taxes there as well. However, that "doesn't count" because we don't live there. Why it doesn't count, I don't know, as the real estate and personal property tax amount would be the same regardless of if we lived there or not. Even if my children did go to PUBLIC school there, they would not be paying tax money into it, so I really don't understand their reasoning.

Anyway...........on to my original train of thought here.....

Have you checked into what your library offers?? The branches here have the usual book, music and movie borrowing system, but also offer much more. For instance, Thursday night we are going to see a program on Abe Lincoln. An actor, presenting himself to be Lincoln will be giving the program. (We will be using this as some extra history time.) Also, they offer numerous others programs-some just for homeschoolers and some for everyone, including: teen book club, knitting, genealogy, classes for seniors in preparing your own taxes, yoga, archeology, IEP's, basic internet usage, all about Missouri, how to take a test, and a whole lot more. Many of theses classes are offered at several branches and times--so if you miss it at one, you can catch it at another.

The library also offers a wide range of other services as well. Most have computers you can use to get online. They also offer books you can download as e-books or onto a reader or audio books you can load onto a MP3 player. Some have a "movie night" for teens. The ones here also offer homework help online, and assist with genealogy research.

So, check out your public library!

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