Monday, September 27, 2010

4H and Scouts

How many of you are involved in either 4H or Scouting, or both? This is the time of year when both groups are adding members to start off their new year.

For our homeschooling family, we find it is a great way to supplement our homeschool learning. My girls have learned many new skills through these activities.

I have one daughter who could care less about math, yet is is the treasurer for our 4H group and loves it. (A rather sneaky way to sneak in some math and learn how to keep a checking account). By taking this duty on, she had to meet with the bank and learn some basic banking. She also was involved by setting up a new checking account for our group.

Other daughters were, or currently are president and vice president. They learned Roberts Rules of order, which many adults don't know! They also have learned how to present themselves in front of a group of people, how to conduct a meeting, maintain order within a group and public speaking skills.

Also, they have learned many projects from 4H and scouting that include sewing, animal care, working in a vets office, flying (including actually taking over the controls of the plane while in the air), learning to fold a flag and the history of the flag, public speaking, working with seniors and with preschoolers, all sorts of crafts, cooking, baking, and survival skills. (can you set up a tent and catch your own supper?? or create a shelter should you not have a tent??)

Dues for various groups vary, but are well worth the learning experience. If your group doesn't fit your needs, move to another group. But, this is the time to join should you or your child be interested.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

4-H fits in so beautifully with homeschooling. We love it too.