Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mud, mud and more mud

The farm is a muddy mess from the snow that has melted. To add to it, it rained for awhile this morning, creating more mud. Although the rain did melt a bit more snow. The majority of the snow and ice behind the house is gone, although most the snow and ice in front of the house remains-it only gets a few hours of sunshine a day, so it doesn't melt as fast.

Tysa left this morning for a cruise to Jamaica. It will be a nice change for her after wintering in Chicago, but I just hope she doesn't have a shock when she comes back to the winter cold.

Spring will be bringing a lot of chores here on the farm. Getting the garden ready will have to wait--it is too wet to even dream of having it ready by March 17 to plant potatoes.

We did have a scrap guy come out and pick up some old farm metal and tin, so that was a start to our spring clean up. We also went to get some lumber to replace some bad boards on the front porch. That was supposed to have been a fall project, but early cold and snow ended that one.

Next week the girls and I are going back on our homeschool schedule. We dropped off of it in November, just too many daytime activities that interfered. But, with the holidays over, we are going to go back on a schedule again. Sometimes a schedule keeps us on track better, other times it is more of a hindrance.


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh I am with you ~sister. I was thinking the same thing. Mud~Mud and more Mud~
I guess it will be a late planting season.
Do you have chickens? My chickens are eating my flowers. I need to find something they wont eat! Any ideas.
They keep digging my mulch and the black paper under the mulch. I think I might try little garden fencing~
I so enjoyed the warm temps today. My yard is full robins~surely that means Spring is coming~or as Miss Billie says, "They might have themselves good and confused!" Oh~ I hope not!
Have a great Lord's Day~

April said...

Yes, I have chickens and they are filthy at the moment. My white duck is almost black-she has found some mud puddles to swim and splash in and so she is a mess also.
Mine have discovered that the snow melts around the burn barrel (we burn what we don't recycle-which means we burn very little)so they scratch in the ashes, as well as in the compost pile where we dump the ash bucket from the fire place.