Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Lesson Plan on the Iditarod Race

My girls and I like to follow the Iditarod each year. For those of you who don't know, the Iditarod is a dog race in Alaska. We like to do various things while we check the status a couple of times each day--things like checking he weather there vs the weather here at home, map studies--where are the racers on the map?, figuring out their mph, learning about the dogs, and reviewing the history of the race. The Iditarod Trail, is now a National Historic Trail, but began as a mail route and supply route. Gold came out this same route, all by dog sled.

In 1925, part of the Iditarod Trail was used to bring in serum for diptheria to Nome. This race was a race to save lives and records were set and broken.

Below is a copy of an email I received to help get you started. Just follow their links.

Hello from the Iditarod Education Department! The 2010 Iditarod is just around 'the trail' and the season of connecting the race to your classroom curriculum is about to begin! We hope you will be with us this year!

Herb Brambley, the 2010 Target Teacher on the Trail has begun posting lesson ideas.
The For Teachers section of the site has been undergoing some redesign with a better menu bar to help you locate information you need.
At the For Teachers section, you'll find many new items, pod cast information, Here's What's Happening, and a section for Students.

Many new items will be added soon!

My goal in emailing you today is to remind you that the newsletters will be arriving more frequently with the purpose of helping you meet the educational standards for your students and to help you know everything you need to know to follow the race.

You can review the newsletter that was sent out at this link: Scroll down the page to find the latest newsletters.

Let me know if you have questions or comments.

I am looking forward to the race this year and helping your students be successful.

Diane Johnson
Iditarod Education Department
605 228 6071

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