Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you are in the Liberty MO area, I recommend this one

This is for all families, not just homeschoolers. As a volunteer first responder, married to a volunteer fire fighter and a fire fighter cadet daughter.....I highly recommend this and any like it.
Is your family prepared for an emergency? Come to the First Annual Liberty MO Prepared Fair, Saturday, August 1, from 10:00-4:00 at the Liberty Community Center. Professionals from many fields, including the school district, city, county and federal agencies will explain their response to widespread emergencies and pandemic flu. You will also get tips on developing your own family response plan. There will be food and fun with events for the entire family.

The Liberty MO Community Center is located beside the middle school.


Most towns of any size offer events like this. This also makes a great project for kids, regardless of public schooled or homeschooled. If your kids are older, they can do this on their own, if not, help them! Check/Do the following:

check/install smoke alarms & batteries.
Make a map of your home and the exits.
Pick a meeting spot away from your home where you would meet for a fire or gas leak
Know where and how to shut off the water
Plan a fire drill
Plan a tornado drill
Know where to hide in a tornado. If possible have some items kept there such as flashlight, first aid kit, small radio (transistor radio in my day...), extra batteries, bottles of water, blankets
Plan a "tree" of relatives names/numbers/addresses to contact in the event of a disaster requiring you to relocate
Teach little ones their phone numbers and addresses

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