Monday, January 30, 2012

A word from Ron

Some of our area homeschoolers have attended classes that Ron does for cartooning.  Below is an email shared with me by a parent who is familiar with his work.

Have you ever heard of the radio show "Unshackled"? It's produced by Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago and is an old time radio drama that presents Christian testimonies daily since 1950 on 2600 radio stations worldwide.

Well, they are broadcasting MY TESTIMONY in a two part broadcast Monday, January 30th and Monday, February 6th at 9:00pm locally on KLJC (88.5FM). (It's a half hour after "Adventures in Odyssey" which you may be familiar.) I don't know how they got my name, but they pursued me.

Since you know me and may have heard my story before, I thought you might be interested in hearing these broadcasts which are much more dramatic and go into greater detail than what you or your kids may have heard from me. Just so you know, in answering PGM's detailed questions leading up to this, they thought the story was compelling enough to put it into two parts. So be sure to listen to both parts over these next tow weeks. Also, if you're interested, KLJC will be interviewing me Monday morning at about 7:30am about the program.

Finally, I've attached my latest Cartoon Camp flyer for this summer. My website is now updated with the current camp information also.

Ron Wheeler
9818 Summit St., Kansas City MO 64114>
Go here for Ron's portfolio, tracts, comic strips, clip art and lots of other cool stuff.

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