Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Todays project

Rebecca and I are tired.  We took the big truck over to the other farm to bring back a load of wood.  We barter when we can, and wood is one of our best barters.  We provide the wood and a couple other guys provide the labor.  Then we split it 50%.  Works well for both parties.

We were going to get two loads today, but on the way there we came across an accident and stopped to help (I am an EMT).  After that, we decided to just get one load.  We loaded it from the split pile into the truck, then drove home and unloaded it into the barn.  The weather was perfect-around 50 degrees.  It is supposed to be getting colder in a few days, so this was a good time to get it.  We will try and get another load or two tomorrow--I think it looks like there are four loads left.  Or, we may take a trailer with us and get it in two loads.  It is true what they say about wood--"it warms you more than once"--once when you cut it, once when you load it, then again unloading it, then when you burn it.

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