Friday, January 6, 2012

Butter FAIL

I've made butter hundreds, if not thousands of times without a problem.  Until tonight. 

This morning we went to our local dairy, and I got a half gallon of creme, just as I always do.   As usual, I put it into my kitchen aide.  All I got was whipped creme.  So, I cranked it up to the next level, and let it go more.  All I got was airyer (is that a word?) whipped creme.  So, I them moved it over to the blender.  Yep, it only got fluffier.

The creme was at the correct temperature......but, I let it sit out for a bit longer, then tried it again.  Finally, I started to get a white thick substance, that looked more like cheese than butter.

When you make butter, the second step is to run cold water thru the butter with a fork and let it all drain out--this gets all remains of milk out so it won't sour after a few days.   (third step is to add your salt, if you choose to).  Well, when I rinsed it with cold water, it went back to looking like milk.

I think I have given up on it.  It is still sitting out, I might try it one more time before I go to bed.

Never have I had this happen before.  So, now I have 5 loaves of home made bread, and we have to use "city store" butter.  Yuck, its not the same.

Right now Rebecca is making some peanut butter fudge.  I hope she has better luck in the kitchen than I.

It seems my entire day today has centered around food.  We went to the dairy this morning (the 2 toddlers loved that--they got to see the baby calves) to get fresh milk and creme.  Then we came home and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fireplace.  I baked, then fixed supper (stuffed green peppers) then had my butter fiasco.

Oh well.

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