Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Baby!!

This morning Elizabeth and I got up early and went to the dentist.  Elizabeth has TMD (similar to TMJ, but the disc of the jaw joint is out of place).  Today they took x-rays and impressions of her teeth and jaw.  She will get to wear an appliance, similar to a retainer to correct it.  She isn't too thrilled about any of it.
But, as we pulled into the driveway coming home, she perked up.  On the other side of  the fence, where the last little bit of hay from a bale was left, lay a just born, tiny calf.  Very tiny.  Our black labs make it look even smaller.
 Since it is so tiny, and it is her first calf, we will have to keep an extra eye on things for the first few weeks. 
I've checked them twice since we have been back, and momma and daddy seem to be taking care of it.  Normally, when there is a new calf, the other cows come up, this time, just the daddy, Star, (a black Angus with a white star on his side) came up and was licking on the baby--being the proud poppa.   Later on we saw the other cows and chickens, dogs, cat and guinea come calling as well.

I've not seen the baby nurse yet, so we will keep watch and may end up having to bottle feed it for a couple days.  This calf wasn't due yet, but yesterday I thought we were getting close, by the way Daisy May was acting and looking--I had JD come and look at it.  But, we thought it would be a couple more days.  So, this one came as a surprise.

Within the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be having another calf as well.

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Patty said...

A new baby calf. How exciting! I've enjoyed stopping over ~ the pineapple cakes look good. My husband would really appreciate it if I would make one for him. Have a good night.