Saturday, September 7, 2013

Next weeks project

Next, I need to move the last canning spree pile from this week to the basement pantry from the dining room table....Our table is a large (14 foot) heavy harvest table.  Even as large and heavy asmy table is, I was afraid it was going to make the table start to bow.
That is 13 dozen jars filled of food.  There are a couple dozen more that I canned today (green beans, spaghetti sauce and tomatoes), but they are still cooling in the kitchen.  But, at least I got these moved to the top of the basement steps.  That's a start.

We need to get more shelves up--I am almost to the point that we are out of shelves.  And, I am almost out of jars again as well--down to just a few dozen left.

So far, all my jars have sealed (although some of the Main Stay brand from Walmart had to be reprocessed for seal failures).

I also decided that I know the real reason women had summer kitchens in the past years.  It really wasn't to keep the heat out of the house.  I think it was to keep the family out.  While I am canning sterilized jars got moved by dirty hands, my sterilized sink to wash beans in got dirty dishes put in it, husband knocked over a glass and broke it, someone put dirty dishes in the dishwasher that had clean sterile jars in it, a plate of pizza got put on a hot burner, and an empty cat food can appeared on the counter, oh-and someone wanted to boil and egg in with my jar flats....  Next week I am sending them all out when I can.  Of course, when I asked who wanted to help snap beans, no one was to be found....

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