Saturday, September 7, 2013

Green beans

Thursday I read the post on the Farming on Faith blog  about Jamesport MO and told my husband I would like to visit Jamesport, as I had never been.   His response was to take me this morning.  I can say I will be going back, and soon, and have a couple of friends who are interested in going with me.  We spent several hours shopping, and I got pectin and clear jel in bulk, as well as red hot candies to make some spice apple rings.  We also bought some produce, visited the harness shop (next time I will take a suitcase with me to have the leather handle replaced).  Since the bulk store in Cameron closed, I have had no place to purchase my flour and sugars in 50 lb bags.  I found 3 places that sold it in Jamesport--a 50 lb bag for LESS than what Walmart wants for a 20 lb bag.  We also visited a couple of auctions as well.  I was on the hunt for green beans, but found none....

But....daughter #2 lives near Clark MO where the Amish have a produce auction every Tuesday and Friday.  And, she was wonderful enough to go for me.  She got me 3 boxes of green beans and one of tomatoes.  She told me the green beans were 15 pound boxes--but, the one I weighed (after I had already snapped quite a few of them, weighed 22 lbs).  Green beans normally come out to 1 quart per half pound.  The first box has yielded 13 quarts, with the last batch in the pressure canner now.  I am going to have her pick me up some more the next time she comes up.  They received more rain and the produce in that area is more abundant and going much cheaper.  I was told that the same size box in Jamesport was $45 at the last auction.  She paid around $5 I think. (husband paid her, so I am not 100% sure on the price).

If you can green beans--remember they are a low acid food and must must must be pressure canned--not hot water bathed.

This box was actually around 26 lbs. before it was snapped.

All that was left after the ends were snapped off....

Outcome from the first box was 13 quarts.
I also cooked down several pounds of tomatoes that I picked from our garden last night.  I think I will do spaghetti sauce with them.  Since the stove was busy for the beans, I cooked them down in the electric roaster, and it worked out very well.

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