Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apple Jelly

Last night (actually more like very very early this morning) I added 9 pints of apple jelly to the pantry (well actually to the dinning room table as I have not made the trip downstairs with them yet).

I first cooked the apples down and mashed them, then they dripped through jelly bags that I had set all through the kitchen.   Then, the juice was processed into jelly.  It isn't the cleanest adventure....Kind of sticky--I think apple residue could double as kids glue.

What is left will become applesauce, but not until I run into the city to get a couple more bags of sugar (I get mine in 40 and 50 lb bags).  Since we lost Bob's Super in Kearney, I can't find it in large bags at a reasonable price, so as much as I hate it, I have to get it in Liberty or St Joseph at Walmart.

On a poison ivy update, I can now open both eyes, have good vision, and I think I can again venture out into public without scaring young children.  Yes, it was that bad on my face.  I even had a little kid at homeschool coop ask me what happened to my face.  He thought it was mosquito bites....

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