Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Ventured Outside....

And, this is some of what we saw.
The horses and cows are sticking close to the food.

A frozed stock tank

The old chicken coop..It doesn't look so warm and cozy from this angle...
The snow is almost up to the bottom of the babyswing and the crossbar on the swingset.

Snow is up 3/4 of the propane tank

Sorry honey, but this is your car, under the snow....Aren't you glad you took the truck to work?
Momma cat was trying to keep the big tractor warm so it would start.

I went out to start the tractor or bobcat.  Neither would start.  Emily had the tractor plugged in, but it just wouldn't do it.  But, it is still snowing, so even if I did get the driveway cleaned, it would have to be done again tomorrow.....

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