Thursday, February 21, 2013

We survived day 1 of the big storm

The snow has been coming down all day, big white fluffy clumps of snow.  Right now, we have high winds, so its hard to tell how much snow, but I'd say 10-11 inches.  Some parts of the yard have bare ground showing, and in other areas it has drifted 3 foot deep.

 This is about as bright as it got today--was rather overcast with all the snow clouds above.

The big black lab doesn't like it at all, in fact, he has decided he would rather camp out in the living room.  He is supposed to be on the horse blanket.  Even in his sleep, he scoots off of it.  Of course, it doesn't help that he is the same size as the blanket.

The husband still hasn't made it home.....His employer has not released essential employees yet.  He isn't even sure he can make it to the hotel tonight, so he may end up sleeping in the break room or on the gurney in the med room.

According to the news reports, cars have been abandoned all over the city and even on the interstate.  Many roads have not been cleared, or were cleared and are closed again.  Our road has not had any traffic down it all day, and no snow plows.  Our driveway is drifted over, but since it is still snowing, and our  road is closed that really doesn't matter.

On a lighter note....somehow a bird managed to get into Emily's bedroom this morning...She finally got it out of the house, but it is a mystery as to how it got in there.

Snow is supposed to continue to fall throughout the night and also we are to have some freezing rain.  I hope we don't loose power.

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