Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We are hunkered down.....

Yesterday afternoon the snow started just as the husband left for work.  It was small white dancing flakes.  Within minutes it turned into huge heavy clumps.  My husband called and said if the 16 year old wasn't home, call her home..the roads were getting bad.  She had just came in a few minutes before he called and said the same thing.  They both were driving 4 x 4 and were still sliding...

As we watched, Rebecca went into the kitchen and did some of her kitchen creating for us.  This is what she came out with.
It was very good.  Strawberries, whipped creme, angelfood cake, and chocolate drizzle....She also added in some vanilla and spices.  Did I mention it was very good??

This morning we woke to snow still coming down.
The wind must of been coming from the south, as we had a 3 foot drift on the north side of the house.
The kitchen deck has about 8 inches in some spots, and 15 inches in others.  Picnic anyone??

Emily went out and plugged in the tractor, so I will now see if I can smash down the driveway with it.  The blade isn't on it (which would be helpful), and I have no idea how to put the blade on it.  The hayspike is on it, but just driving up and down the drive will help.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

Looks good! The strawberries and cake, not the snow.