Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Night Went to the Dog....

Since we have had wind gusts and the snow is still coming down (our snowfall still hasn't stopped), I have been letting the farm dog sleep inside at night.  (Also, since he thinks it is his duty to bark and howl all night to ensure the humans of the house don't sleep-- you know he has to warn of us the moon, the clouds, the deer that cross the yard.....and when he is in, he is quiet as he doesn't see all these distractions.)

His previous owners had him as an inside dog and he is house trained, will stay on his rug (at least until he thinks you are not looking).  He won't climb up or down stairs (which we wish he would do, as to get him from one floor to the other, you have to take him outside the front door and walk around the house and bring him back in the basement door or carry all 150 lbs of him), and he doesn't bother the trash, get on the furniture, or go into the kitchen.

Until last night.

Around 3:30 this morning, I awoke to a funny scrunching noise coming from the kitchen.  I got up and went into the office and from the office into the kitchen.  There was Duke, pulling out a Styrofoam meat tray from the trash.  I had rinsed it off, but his doggie nose still picked up the scent of raw hamburger.  He had not spotted me, and licked it off, then went through the kitchen door into the living room. He went over to his rug and kept turning his head looking at his rug, then the TV, then the rug again, as if he was trying to decide what to do.

Then, he proceeded to rub his head on the fireplace (being indoors dries his skin), then he walked over to the TV and rubbed his ears on the side of it--right where the switches are.  Yep, he turned on the TV.

From there, he went over to the couch, and got on it and laid down.

That was mistake #3, and I yelled at him and kicked him out the front door.  Of course he went around to the window to look in, (his begging spot to come back in), and gave me that innocent "what did I do?" look. It didn't work, he stayed out--he knew he isn't supposed to get off his rug.

However, now, I wonder.  If I had given him more time, would he have reached for the remote control???

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