Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week

Well, Sunday we took the younger twins to church camp at Flaming Spirit. They are there with 2 cousins the same age. I take it they are having a good week, as I have not had a phone call:) It sure has been quiet around here this week with only Emily at home.

We came home Sunday to find the hay had been mowed. Yesterday afternoon it was raked, but may need to be raked again. Last night we had high winds, and some of it blew out of the rows. We also had a lot of thunder and lightening but luckly for us no rain. So, the hay did not get wet. It should be baled later this week.

I got another grape vine planted. I think that gives us 8 now. Last week I replaced the old t posts and old wires with taller wooden posts and ran new wires. I also checked the fruit trees and we have some apples and peaches coming on. Earlier I lost some peaches when it hailed. They got knocked off the trees.

My newest project is constructing a bike rack. It seems we always have bikes all over the yard and barn. So, yesterday Emily and I went to Liberty and bought a peice of rod iron porch railing to mount between two vertical landscape timbers for a bike rack. I am all set to go in constructing it except the tool grimlins have run off with the cordless drill. We have searched the farm for it, and can't find it anywhere. We just used it and poof, it is gone. So, until it is found, that project is on hold.


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