Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It isn't slowing down this summer

For most people, life slows down some during the summer months, when school is out. But, not here. For one thing, we homeschool year around. We already have our state required 1000 hours in, but why quit learning?? I have cut the girls down to 2 or 3 math lessons a week, enough not to loose their math skills, but enough that they feel they are getting a little break. Our reading (I require 1 hour a day) goes on--although my girls all love to read, so that is never an issue. I combine some activities--for example, reading can be combined with history if they are reading a biography or factual book. We also count more TV time--such as the programs found on the history and military channels. They also like to watch the program "How it is Made" which explains how things are made, such as light bulbs, wire, clothing, tires...., there there are programs on the Animal Planet Channel and all of them love the cooking channel. Their "junk TV" time is limited.

Summer is also when we do more sewing--usually spurred by the onset of the county 4H fairs. The girls normally enter a sewing project. Of course there is also the gardening to tend to, mowing, horse shows....and our volunteer work.

Saturday Emily comes home from science camp, and the twins leave for church camp to Flaming Spirit in Oregon MO. Then, they come home on Friday and Emily leaves Friday night to help at day camp at Mission Lake Christian Camp in KS on Saturday.

Elizabeth has been sewing yesterday and today, and getting her laundry all done for her packing later this week. She likes using the clothes line. Clothes smell fresher and cleaner, it is fun being outside (and having the cats help!), and it is "greener". Lately we are all about having a "green home". Tonight Rebecca will be finishing up her sewing as well.

We still haven't turned our A/C on this year. Our home has a ceiling fan in all the rooms and windows that are nearly ceiling to floor. We also have wide porches that shade the house. So, about the time the house gets hot, the sun starts setting and we don't need it.

The TV is saying we may have some more storms tonight. Last night we had some major thunder and lightening--the very loud kind. The electric even went off for a short time. Hopefully tonight it won't be so loud.

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I so understand. Wow~no air yet. My hats off to you!
Have a great day!