Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lizzy is done, Rebecca is close

Elizabeth is done with her 4H sewing--maybe. She has her project done, but since you can do up to 3, she may "whip up" another one--possibly a pair of shorts or another sun dress.

Rebecca is almost finished with 2 sundresses. I am not sure if she is entering them both or just one.

Meanwhile, Momma is a little ticked off at Walmart. When we bought the fabric from Walmart, I didn't physically stand there and watch it be cut--instead we were getting our thread and other notions. The fabric is smocked across the top. After we got it home, I discovered the fabric person measured the bottom of the fabric instead of the smocked top. Then it is cut as crocked as can be on top of it. The final kicker was one of the fabrics had a sheer overlay. She did not cut the overlay with the fabric underneath, so there is about a 4 inch difference. So, one project didn't get done as planned, but got turned into something else. I will be taking my receipt back on that. I'll pay for what I got, but not at 13.00 a yard for 2 yards, when we didn't get 2 yards because they measured the flat part.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

The dress turned out really, really cute. That is maddening when they cut the fabric wrong, I think that a lot of the people they hire have no idea how to even sew. We have found the same to be true at the hardware and farm store. You ask for something that they tell you they don't carry it because they don't know what you are talking about when you know full well that they do.