Friday, June 5, 2009

Bank Visit & Grapes

Today I took the twins to the bank. They each had a check to cash and the bank was very good about explaining the process to them. They took great pride in endorsing their checks in their very best handwriting. We will count this as 30 minutes for math. We are getting ready to learn how to keep a checkbook, so todays visit is the kick off for our banking unit.

We also visited the hardware store and got some eye screws and then went to Pamida and got some more grape vines. This evening we put the new grapes in the vineyard and added another support pole. We almost got it done before we ran out of daylight. I had been using T posts to hold the support wires for the grapes, but the wires kept slipping. So yesterday I set in 3 wooden posts (plus one today) and will use the eye screws to hold the wires in place. Once I get all the wires rerun, I will then pull the T posts back out. The wooden post system will keep the wires in place better and they are taller, so I can mount my wires higher. This means it will be easier on me when mowing around them and mulching.

After it was too dark to work outside, we did some barn cleaning and moving/rearranging. The fun part will be to see how long it takes my husband to notice!! I wanted to take the rabbit hutches out from the barn and put them by the chicken coop for the summer, but a flat tire on the bobcat stopped that project. With the forks on the cat it is very easy to just pick up the wooden hutches and carry them out.

I also have started a new spelling project for Rebecca. So far, I think it is going to work very well. You can view it, and the demo at It does require a microphone on your computer. You read the list into the program. My only problem is that somehow I deleted (or one of the kids) the microphone software, so tomorrow I will reload it. I will keep you posted as we go along. Spelling is not her strong subject, which is surprising considering she is a big reader, reads above her grade level and does well on reading comprehension.

Tomorrow we have a big day. We have an Eagle Scout award ceremony to attend and then a block party at church to welcome our new summer youth minister. Then Sunday a graduation party and baby shower.

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~*~The Family~*~ said...

You are so lucky to have Pamida. We use to have them here and they closed every last one of them. I loved that store.